League of Legends Boosting services in EUNE and EUW by Season 4 Platinum 1 and Season 5  Diamond 5 player


If you want to place an order, please contact me via skype : jankavvv 
Accepting payments from: paypal

Hey there! In the upcoming month i will have tons of free time, o so i'm going to take some boosting orders. My prices are really low and its because i'm enjoying playing in low elo. My main reason isn't to earn money, my main reason is to play my favorite game - League of Legends smile_mini.gif

Prices are really low!

Bronze V - Bronze IV 3 euros
Bronze IV - Bronze III 3 euros
Bronze III - Bronze II 3 euros
Bronze II - Bronze I 3 euros
Bronze I - Silver V 5 euros

Silver V - Silver IV 5 euros
Silver IV - Silver III 5 euros
Silver III - Silver II 5 euros
Silver II - Silver I 5 euros
Silver I - Gold V 8 euros

Gold V - Gold IV 8 euros
Gold IV - Gold III 8 euros